Operating on the interface “where people and buildings come together”, IOLAN provides an optimized living environment in which technology offers maximum support to people to guarantee the required security level. As an innovative project and development organization, IOLAN has developed into a professional and solid partner for its clients through a diversity of projects, especially within the national government, correctional institutions, mental health care, hospitals, police stations, educational institutions and industry. IOLAN is also active abroad through partners.

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Research & Development department

The R&D department is responsible for research and development of the wide range of IOLAN products. New products are extensively tested and hardware such as print-circuit boards, fine-pitch smd and complete products such as card readers are realized.

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Projects & Service department

The projects department is responsible for the implementation of what has been commissioned. A realistic planning, thorough preparation and coordination with the customer is central to successfully project and maintain our systems over several years.

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Production & Logistics

At P&L, all components, assemblies, semi-finished and finished products are purchased, tested and programmed. The assembly is also coordinated from here and all shipments to the Netherlands and abroad are planned and carried out.

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Marketing & Sales department

The M&S department is engaged in advising new and existing clients regarding new or expansion projects. The marketing department also provides permanent information to relations with documentation, specifications and trade events.

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Corporate social responsibility

Whether it concerns sustainability, waste separation, the environment or involvement in charities; at IOLAN this has been part of the policy for years. Something that is also recognized with the CSR certificate issued by the Dutch Federation of Safety.

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Quality policy

The quality policy is an integrated part of our business process. IOLAN B.V. is certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard and focuses on the quality, consistency and continuous improvement of our primary business processes.


Privacy statement

Privacy is of paramount importance to IOLAN and is therefore an integral part of our policy and its implementation in daily practice. IOLAN makes every effort to guarantee the privacy of our relations and our staff. Read more in our privacy policy.


Feel free to contact us and we will gladly come up with a solution that fits more than perfectly with what you do and want to secure.

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