Controlled management

All IOLAN asset management solutions are applicable with Rijkspas and based on the MIFARE DESFire technology. Access is adjustable for individual, group or function and possibly PIN code verification. The IOLAN products are user-friendly, vandal-resistant and can be easily integrated into existing IOLAN SMS and access control systems. Access definitions are set in Sphere, the modules can be controlled and reports can be made.


The IOLAN KeyWall is available for issuing and collecting keys in a controlled manner. The IOLAN KeyWall is available in two variants, with a maximum of 40 or 80 key ring positions. Both variants can be configured modularly (per 10 positions), which means that there are also a smaller number of options. The cabinets can also be equipped with an extra door so that the keys are not visible. The bunches of keys are individually locked and the cabinets can be expanded modularly to 240 key positions per operator terminal.


If you also issue Pagers/DECT devices and need to be charged, IOLAN KeyLock is the option. With a pass, the user gains access to a locker (random or assigned) where a bunch of keys and/or mobile device can be stored. This locker also offers the possibility to safely store personal items such as a mobile phone or wallet. The tags with which the bunches of keys are individually detected can be used for internal access control.


For optimum security, keys can also be housed in a burglar-resistant safe with the IOLAN KeySafe. The door has a multi-point locking system and emergency power is also available. The IOLAN Locker Module has been developed for other assets, such as weapons, badges, tablets and walkie-talkies. The execution is tailored to the good to be stored. In addition, customization is also possible, possibly in safes or lockers of third parties. In short, there is always a suitable solution for your asset management issue.


Feel free to contact us and we will gladly come up with a solution that fits more than perfectly with what you do and want to secure.