Presence & visitation
Check in/out
MIFARE Classic & DESFire EV1/EV3
SAM application

This function is supported as standard within the IOLAN access control system, and can be determined in consultation with the customer in consideration of the desired policy and its application. Combined functions such as entry and exit with registration and anti-passback can be defined and configured in a number of different ways.


The flexibility of application with the associated reports assures a comprehensive range of options for implementation of the required functionality. Person-specific checking in/out data from the access control system can also be processed for visualization of the time records of persons and/or the use of rooms. Card readers are controlled from the TCK ACCESS or S-Line Access modules.


In order for these functions to be applied effectively, use can be made of physically controlled access points at which persons are automatically forced to effect registration in the system properly by presenting personal ID card and identification. But access to the IOLAN applications is also adjustable and is physically realized with the UDx desktop reader.


IOLAN readers and  modules are operating with worlds standard technologies like Mifare Classic and Mifare DESfire EV-1/EV3, but also derivatives such as the Dutch Rijkspas. In addition to indoor and outdoor card readers, there is also the vandal-resistant color terminal with touch screen. It can be used as a pin code module or as a menu-driven software terminal.


The card readers, control modules and software developed by IOLAN can also be used by third parties in their own systems. This is possible with only the readers, but also with controllers and card readers. The TIM (Access Control Interface Module) allows third parties to deploy all IOLAN card readers in their system and use the SAM lock for optimal security.


Feel free to contact us and we will gladly come up with a solution that fits more than perfectly with what you do and want to secure.