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IOLAN has been involved in the security of judicial institutions for well over 20 years. Its systems are in use in many office buildings and the institutions themselves for the assurance of security. These range from access control and intercoms systems to the complete equipment of control rooms in which the graphical user interface and the interaction between all the security systems are designed and engineered completely by IOLAN on a project-by-project basis in accordance with the needs of the particular customer. IOLAN's extensive experience in this market segment makes it a dependable and professional partner that is more than willing to rise to the challenge together with its customers in this fast-changing environment.

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Since the IOLAN I/O modules satisfy strict performance and security requirements, they are frequently used in industry.

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IOLAN is also active in other sectors, sometimes with customer-specific solutions and systems in the field of security and safety.

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With the experience and familiarity of IOLAN in terms of knowledge and expertise in the field of system integrations and project implementation, we are also active in the healthcare sector.

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Feel free to contact us and we will gladly come up with a solution that fits more than perfectly with what you do and want to secure.

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