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The modern world requires that close attention be paid to security in and around court facilities, particularly with regard to the separation of public and non-public areas and the increasing risks in disaster management. The combination of IOLAN's own security management, access control (the Rijkspas ID card) and IP intercom product ranges enables efficient custom solutions to be offered.

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Judicial institutions

IOLAN has been involved in the security of judicial institutions for well over 20 years. Its systems are in use in many office buildings and the institutions themselves for the assurance of security.

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A wide range of institutions and companies specialized in areas of their own now use IOLAN products and services.

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Government authorities

Almost half of all government buildings maintained directly by the Dutch Government Buildings Agency are now equipped with an IOLAN system.

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Feel free to contact us and we will gladly come up with a solution that fits more than perfectly with what you do and want to secure.

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