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IOLAN launches a new, innovative key management concept: IOLAN KeyControl. KeyControl has been developed with 30 years of experience in key management. In all kinds of organizations, mechanical keys are a permanent everyday tool almost everywhere, especially for guaranteed door operation in the event of calamities. But key use also entails risks: unauthorized access to rooms, buildings, vehicles and high costs in the event of loss. In short, professional management is of great importance.

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With the IOLAN KeyControl concept, loss is prevented and there is again control of the key rings in use and offers optimal management. KeyControl is all about maximum security, reliability and ease of use. The characteristics:

  • Individual Position Switching
  • Unique MIFARE DESFire detection
  • Vandal resistant, both KeyTag, key strip and control unit
  • Easily expandable modular system
  • Smart key ring locking and unlocking
  • Intelligent LED status per key position
  • Cost-effective and easy to use
  • Suitable for Rijkspas applications
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The components of the KeyControl concept have been incorporated into complete solutions. Depending on the desired accessibility, safety, quantity and type of goods, the right product or combination of products can be used. There are complete, intelligent IOLAN KeyWall solutions with or without a door available. For optimum security, KeyControl can also be integrated into a burglar-resistant safe: the IOLAN KeySafe. With IOLAN KeyControl, the possibilities and applications are endless. Discover more quickly in the IOLAN asset management brochure or the corresponding product information

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Feel free to contact us and we will gladly come up with a solution that fits more than perfectly with what you do and want to secure.

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