In recent months, IOLAN has been able to supply several key management systems, including a number within the healthcare sector. Key issuance is a time consuming process to manage accurately. Patients must be assured that access to their rooms is only restricted to authorized staff. But staff rooms, medicine cabinets and storage, offices and technical areas should not be accessible to patients and visitors. Traditionally, keys have been available in too high a quantity and in insecure areas. For security reasons, the availability of keys is also required at all times, even if that part of the building and/or reception is unmanned and keys are not allowed to leave the building (unauthorized). Good management of this gives a safe feeling!


Now that the IOLAN KeyWall is being used, these keys are stored in cabinets for a maximum of 40 or 80 bunches of keys. With a modular system structure, choices can be made in versions with a door, without a door, number of positions and other essential applications and options. If desired, the cabinets can be combined with an extension cabinet for a maximum of 40 or 80 bunches. Employees of the healthcare institution have access 24 hours a day with their employee card at all locations. This pass, based on the MIFARE DESFire technique, is personal and gives the employee access to the keys to which he is entitled. The bunches are individually locked and cannot be taken without release.


With the IOLAN Sphere access control software, authorizations can be set per person, department or function, but also combinations with a schedule or presence control are even possible. When using KeyWall, management is also made easier and overviews are available through the automatic reports of who owns or has had which key. A central operating station is also possible with which cabinets can be checked remotely and combinations with cameras and intercom are possible. Would you like to know more about the modular IOLAN KeyWall products and applications, view the product information or contact us.


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