Commissioned by a Dutch government agency, more than 40 locations were fitted with IOLAN KeySafe in a nationwide project. The roll-out started in mid-2021, whereby the key safes were also used stand-alone and within unguarded areas. The aim of the client is to want to store and manage these at the locations with maximum safety and security at the offices where bunches of keys are in use. As a result, key management is centrally coordinated securely, sustainable and modularly expandable by applying the KeyControl concept and thus future-proof.


Security and reliability were also important user requirements, as a result of which the KeyControl modules are placed in a S1 certified robust high secure safe that is also equipped with an emergency power supply. Security meets user-friendliness through simple operation and verification on the central vandal-resistant full-color terminal and the smart monitoring, unlocking and indications per key position. The KeySafe safes and the more than 2000 checked bunches of keys are fully integrated in the IOLAN access control system and within the Sphere software. IOLAN Sphere is a comprehensive application in which the goods management module makes it possible to realize the most diverse configurations, processes and system settings through a clear user interface


The KeySafe safes are operated by the user with individual Rijkspas which are used within the Dutch government for identification for physical access to rooms, personal use of, for example, multifunctional office devices, lockers and now also IOLAN key safes. The latest techniques have been applied, including suitability for Mifare® DESFire EV3 and on the basis of “Future Use” use. IOLAN is proud to support the end user in a national project, now and in the future, with secure control and management of the all-important bunches of keys that must be available internally at all times for authorized persons and must not fall into foreign hands and still basis for many forms of access control.


With the IOLAN KeySafe, locked bunches of keys can be registered and issued. This unique S1 burglary-resistant safe can be built modularly with 8 KeyControl units, 1 unit offers 10 key positions, so a maximum of 80 key positions per safe. Access to the safe and the key positions are extensively adjustable per person, group or even calamities. Via the IOLAN Sphere management software, you can see at a glance which person has which key ring. The bunches of keys are individually detected, access to the safe can be combined with all common access control functions. Other versions and solutions on request. For more information, please take a look at the corresponding product information.


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